It is over for the fat lady

One should realize that the world is going to the dogs when the weakest members of oursociety are hounded and persecuted. No, I am not talking about women and children, but the other weaker section of society; the Obese.
Yes, the obese now have a new health issue to worry about. As if hypertension, clogged arteries, diabetes, liver disease, bed sores, heart attacks, etc., are not enough, they now have to watch out for one of the most heinous crimes of mankind,murder. Yes, I said murder. Take a look at this article.
How cruel is this, especially since fat people are known for being the slowest moving targets around. It’s like fishing in a bucket. Its not like fat people can take off running into the woods to escape their chasers. All an attacker would need to do is to creep to the foot of a fat person and hide in the shadow of the protruding belly. Then when the fat person is sinking their teeth into, say a glazed donut and is oblivious to all other senses, that’s when the attacker strikes.
But then, why would anyone want the fat off peoples back when there are enough people who would donate it willingly. Just like how blood used to be transferred between people in the old hindi movies, all you need is a fat person strapped to the liposuction machine as a donor and then have an outgoing line from the machine to the recipient who needs the fat.
But then why would you want to get surgery to get fat injected into you when you can go down the time-tested and delicious route of gorging on fatty foods and sweets, to achieve the same level of fatty tissue!
But now with the arrest of murderous gang the fat people can sigh with some relief, but there are still some gang members roaming free. I think I am getting the creeps. I am heading to the gym now…

One response to “It is over for the fat lady

  1. I landed here by fluke…Very funny posts…Your effortless transition between English and Tamil is super da machaan!

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